Creative Corner: Need a bag for your minis?

Darren reverted back to his home ec classes to make a bag for mini disc golf.

As a disc golfer, I have slowly developed my skills by playing on a regular basis and learning all the discs in my bag and how they fly.

Nobody told me I’d have to do the same thing with minis.


As if it wasn’t enough to play disc golf with regular discs, now I have to learn how to throw my mini?

These shorts made for good fabric to make a mini bag with.

I was recently invited to play some mini disc courses in Pennsylvania. After doing some YouTube research, I found some short movies on how to throw a mini. I also received some helpful advice from New Jersey-based professional Bob Graham.

Add those things together and I was able to throw the minis exceptionally far.

As a bit of a disc junkie, I have accumulated quite a few different minis. And they all seemed to do different things, so I got wondering — are there mini bags? I searched the internet and found some bags for minis, but most of them were plain and simple.

As a gadget person, I like a bag with pockets and places to put things. The mini bags I found online didn’t really spark my interest.

So I decided to make my own.

But what to use?

Fast at work to make the new bag.

I have been dying discs recently and during one of my dying days, I spilled red dye on my camouflage cargo pants.Figuring they might be ruined, I took them off and dipped them in the dye to see what would happen. They looked OK, but I wasn’t crazy about the color.

That’s all important to note because I was trying to think about what I could use for the mini bag.

I looked around my shop in search of material — maybe some canvas or an old jacket or something along those lines. Nothing I found really interested me or made me think it would make a good mini bag. I had to think a bit more.

The bag nearing completion.

Then I remembered the red cargo shorts.

Reverting back to home economics class — something I didn’t think I’d ever use again– I pulled out my wife’s sewing machine and got to work. I cut the back pocket and cargo pocket off and sewed them together. I used the belt loops as strap holders and used a piece of plastic inside the bottom as a holder for the discs.

It didn’t take too long and just like that I had a mini bag.

The bag passed the test, too, as we played six mini courses in Lancaster County, Pa., this past weekend and the bag carried all my minis throughout the day. Even as we added a few discs throughout the day, the bag held everything and remained sturdy and easy to carry.

In the end, the bag easily was a success and it will become something I carry with me whenever playing a round of mini.

Darren Dolezel is the resident creative guy at Rattling Chains. He often finds odd objects to turn into items useful for disc golf. He’ll share these items occasionally at Rattling Chains. If you have an idea you think Darren should try, e-mail him at: darren [at]


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