Trash has no place spread around a course

By Darren Dolezel — Staff

Why do people feel the need to throw their waste on the ground?

I’m seriously sick and tired of seeing all sorts of garbage spread throughout disc golf courses and everywhere else. When I have worked all day and want to unwind, I usually head outside, take a walk and try to enjoy nature and my surroundings.

Ugh... finding stuff on the course is ugly! After this photo, crushed and in the golf bag to get rid of later.

It stinks to look at a beautiful countryside and see garbage on the ground. I’m an environmentally minded person and I don’t throw my trash anywhere other than where it belongs — in a garbage can (or, on the floor of my truck).

As usual, the weekend comes and I can’t wait to grab my bag of discs, a couple of granola bars, something to drink and head to the local course. I get there, warm up and head out.

It doesn’t take long before the excitement wears off.

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