Disc golf terminology has my head spinning

By P.J. Harmer — RattlingChains.com Staff

Hyzer. Anhyzer. Understable. Overstable. Pancake. Worm burner.

The one thing about disc golf is the amount of terms that are used in the game. From terms describing discs to throws to players. It can be overwhelming to newer players, especially when they are playing with more experienced players who are throwing these terms around like it’s nothing else.

It can be like a foreign language.

Better yet, think of yourself as a parent learning to text. You get one from a teenage son or daughter with something along the lines of…

“OMG like i thought u were goin 2 play frisbee 4 fun. u r way 2 serius. lol”



The reality is the game of disc golf can be very technical. So when an experienced player — or someone who just knows the terminology — starts talking about how your throw is well if you used an overstable disc and let the hyzer naturally take its course.


I’m simple when it comes to terminology – in all aspects of life. I don’t like to use jargon or anything like that in pretty much all I do.

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