Poll 42: Dress codes

Oh disc golfers — with our interesting choice of clothing and such.

I am sure most of us have seen some outlandish and interesting choices of clothes people wear playing this fine sport. Whether loud and crazy tee shirts to basketball shorts or whatever else, it can be quite the mix.

weekly_pollYou’ll even see these sort of things at tournaments.

Is this an acceptable sort of thing as the sport continues to grow and moves forward?

We’ll get to the question and thoughts down below. But let’s first look at last week’s poll and comments.

We wanted to know last week if it mattered to you if so many professionals jumped to Prodigy.

The overwhelming response was no, which garnered 114 of 176 votes for a whopping 65 percent. Of the voters, 62 (35 percent) said yes.

That seems to speak volumes. Let’s see what some people said in the comments.

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Poll 41: Prodigy Disc Golf

As many of you know, we don’t do a lot of coverage when it comes to the professional tour.

There’s a reason for that, too. By looking at the numbers over the course of the year, the page views are noticeably higher when we’re not talking about the professional tour. This year, however, we are planning to do a bit more — such as previews and wraps of major tournaments. After all, if we’re going to continue to grow, we need to cover all angles.

weekly_pollStill, the reality is professional disc golfers — especially touring professionals — do not make up the majority of the disc golf population. In feedback we’ve received, people enjoy the in-depth stories, first-person accounts and instructional stuff. We like to be goofy at times and serious when we need to.

Alas, this whole Prodigy Disc Golf things is being talked about in the world of disc golf. So we’re curious what you all thing.

Before you vote, make sure you read what we mean by the way this question is being phrased. More on that below.

First, let’s check back on last week’s poll, when we asked you about your goals for the upcoming year.

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