Poll 2: Tunes or no?

The first week of the poll was a huge success …

… And it took us a while to get everyone into the Random.org setup to be able to randomize and give away a prize!

The results of the poll — how many discs do you own? — were something else, I thought.

The top spots didn’t shock me too much. The 51-100 category won with 153 votes (24 percent of the vote). Second went to 101-200, which received 102 votes (16%). The 21-30 range, which I thought might have been one of the real big ones, came in third with 77 votes (12%).

The one that shocked me, however? Those who voted in the more than 500 discs one — 47 people! That’s 8% of the vote! And that’s a lot of plastic!

That opened my eyes, that’s for sure!

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