Rattling Chains Photo of the Week: May 19

Nathan Rabideaux and his dog, Bear, with a great disc golf bag!

Couldn’t resist with this one.

Several weeks ago, a few of us went to a local course in the Albany, N.Y. area. After playing, I was doing some other photos of the 18th basket and getting ready to take some video for an upcoming disc review.

That’s when this photo unfolded.

Three guys were heading to the first tee to play and one had this pooch — and the dog was carrying discs. Too cool. So we asked if he wouldn’t mind being on the blog.

I’ve seen a lot of people bring their dog when they play disc golf, but this is the first time I witnessed a dog also being used as a disc golf bag.

So, this is Nathan Rabideaux with his dog Bear, a black lab/German shepherd/husky/dalmatian mix (wow)! Rabideaux, originally from Minneapolis, Minn., lives in the Capital Region in N.Y., and that’s also where Bear came from.

Rabideaux has only been playing the game for about a year and it tries to get out once a week or so to play.

Bear’s pack is a dog backpack from REI. There are a few companies that make packs for dogs and they aren’t really made for discs, but it works out wonderfully, Rabideaux said. He bought the bag, originally, so Bear could haul his own gear for hiking and camping, but now it’s used for other things, including disc golf.

Techie info:

  • Camera: Canon 7D
  • Shutter speed: 1/1600th
  • F-stop: F/4
  • ISO: 100

Why we chose to use this photo:

Just because it’s a different take on disc golf and shows a way that people can also involve their dogs when out playing!

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