Poll 54: Your game and where you’re at with it

Let’s realize something when it comes to sports — and it can be a hard truth to accept.

Sometimes, you reach a point where you will not get too much better — the peak. Whether it’s because of age, talent, physical ability or whatever else, sometimes you just get to a point and that’s it.

weekly_pollThere’s a reason we have professionals and amateurs in sports.

If everyone could get to a certain level, there would be many more millionaires in our society. How many of you dreamed of being a professional baseball, football or basketball player at some point of your childhood?

Odds are quite a few.

Alas, reality set in. Now we do whatever we do to get by in this world and disc golf is part of that.

Disc golf is no different than any other sport in the regard of peaking.

But we’ll touch on the rest of this poll below. First, let’s head back to last week’s poll and get some results and see what some people had to say.

We asked you if regulars at your course present a good image of disc golf to newbies and other park users. The high majority of the votes pointed to yes with 73 (70 percent) of the 104 voters saying yes. However, 31 (30 percent) of the vote went to no, which isn’t a good thing, folks.

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