Poll 46: When did you start playing?

So many times at tournaments and such, there will be stories about when and how somebody started playing this wonderful sport we call disc golf.

Whether via parent, stumbling across the game, your friends, etc., you had to have started somewhere.

weekly_pollEven more incredible is the age somebody started at. Some kids were extremely young when they were playing disc golf.

As the sport continues to grow and age, will there one day be stories of a kid and his or her father throwing a disc at a basket such as stories about having a catch with their father?

Maybe. Maybe not. But it’s still interesting to know.

We’ll get to that below in our weekly question. First, let’s go back and check out the responses from last week, when we asked if you had ever broke a disc while playing.

We received 114 votes for this poll (but, unfortunately no photos!) and there are some people who have broke a disc.

The no vote won this one, garnering 72 votes (63 percent). There were 42 people (37 percent) who said yes, though.

Let’s check a few of the comments.

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