18 songs for 18 holes: A disc golf mixtape

By Steve Hill — Rattling Chains staff

Of the two venues I refer to as my home courses, only one – Brengle Terrace Park in Vista, California — can make me feel like a naïve post-adolescent all over again.

Marked by tight lines and peppered with elevation and tricky pin placements, Brengle Terrace takes me on an emotional roller coaster each time I play it. Like the girls I pursued in high school and college, it makes me feel like I have a fleeting chance at glory, only to shoot me down and tell me it just wants to be friends.


Still, like the sad sap I once was, I keep coming back for more, hoping one day it will see me for the disc golfer I am.

Since this course is my disc golf version of unrequited love, I thought it was only appropriate to make like my 17-22 year-old self and try to win it over with an awesome mixtape. After all, what female didn’t swoon when presented with a collection of songs that you took the time to put together in her honor?

What’s that? None of them swooned? Oh, that’s right. I forgot.

At any rate, the personality of this course lends itself to a collection of songs that captures its spirit. Some of these selections are obvious and some have subtle undertones that take a deeper listen to be revealed. And, like any good mixtape, there are a couple gems from relatively obscure artists, just to show you how much work I really put into it.

(And yes, I am aware that we don’t have actual mixtapes anymore. Just humor me on this one.)

I lean more toward the rock-based side of things in my musical tastes, and that is reflected on this list. Plus, some good, heavier music puts me in a good mood to go out and try to conquer the course.

So, without further ado, I present 18 Songs for 18 Holes: A disc golf mixtape. Enjoy.

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Poll 2: Tunes or no?

The first week of the poll was a huge success …

… And it took us a while to get everyone into the Random.org setup to be able to randomize and give away a prize!

The results of the poll — how many discs do you own? — were something else, I thought.

The top spots didn’t shock me too much. The 51-100 category won with 153 votes (24 percent of the vote). Second went to 101-200, which received 102 votes (16%). The 21-30 range, which I thought might have been one of the real big ones, came in third with 77 votes (12%).

The one that shocked me, however? Those who voted in the more than 500 discs one — 47 people! That’s 8% of the vote! And that’s a lot of plastic!

That opened my eyes, that’s for sure!

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