Poll 52: Family and Cliques

Before we get rolling with this week’s poll, we’ll clear up yesterday.

We hope you all enjoyed the story and everything. With how April Fools’ Day is now, it’s hard to slip things past people, so we wanted to have some fun. The thing about that day, in this day and age, it’s hard to truly pull something off. So the goal was to have fun and make people smile and laugh.


There will always be critics and skeptics, but we hope most of you enjoyed the story and everything else.

Now, on with the poll.

We’re going to tackle something many of us have seen. The inner-circle, or “old boys” sort of network in disc golf circles. Or, if you’re lucky, the lack thereof.

As the game grows, there will likely be situations like this. And, with society, it can often be a norm. So, we’ll tackle that in a moment.

First, let’s get back to last week’s question and see what some people had to say. ¬†We asked you how many disc golf-related clothing items you owned. We had 197 people vote.

Of those voters, 91 (46 percent) said they owned 1-10 items. That was followed by 11-20, which garnered 41 votes (21 percent). None came in third (34 votes/17 percent), followed by 21-30 (16 votes/8 percent), more than 50 (11 votes/6 percent), 31-40 (2 votes/1 percent) and 41-50 (2 votes/1 percent).

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