Poll 33: One brand for the rest of time

I’ve met a lot of disc golfers in my relative short time playing this game.

Some jam as many discs in their bag as they can. It’s a virtual rainbow in there, with colors, brands and anything one can think about having.

You have the types who are very loyal to certain brands and will try and carry only that brand of discs — and even a bag by said company.

No matter if you fit one of these types or something else, people tend to be loyal to certain things. Whether it’s the willingness to try anything out there or the loyalty to stick with one single manufacturer, the choices for a disc golfer are endless.

So we want to see where you stand when it comes to brand — but we’ll get to that poll shortly.

First, let’s check out last weeks poll when we were wondering how many aces you guys have.

The results were pretty interesting.

Of the 192 people who cast a vote, 58 (30 percent) said they had no aces. I, unfortunately, am in that bunch, too!

That was followed by 2-5 aces, which received 56 votes (29 percent). One ace tied with 6-10 with 20 votes (10 percent), followed by 11-25 (20 votes/10 percent), 26-50 (7 votes/4 percent); more than 100 (7 votes/4 percent) and 51-100 (4 votes/3 percent).

Some of those numbers are crazy!

If I have one ace during my days of playing disc golf, I’ll jump for joy. But having somewhere upwards of 50 or 100? Holy smokes! I wonder what the feeling is like compared between the first and the 100th? Does that excitement ever calm a bit, or is always wild?

Before getting back to this week’s poll, let’s see what some readers had to say about aces.

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