Poll 32: Chasing aces

According to the calendar on the website, the Ace Race events for the year have come to an end.

For those who don’t participate in these events, its where you use two Discraft prototype discs on a shortened course in an attempt to score as many aces as possible.

That of course got me thinking about aces (or, maybe, a chains-in-one?).

I’ve heard some fantastic ace stories. I know a person who has aced every single hole at one course (don’t worry, we’ll be doing a story on this in the future) and I’ve heard about people getting aces on holes beyond 400 feet!

But we’ll get back to this week’s pole in a little bit.

First, let’s check back to last week when we asked you about putting in a high-pressure situation. We gave you the spot and you had to decide whether or not you made the putt.

Sounds like most of you guys are pretty good putters!

Of the 61 who voted, 64 percent (39 votes) said you’d make the putt. The other 36 percent (22 votes) said no.

Let’s see what a few of you had to say about it.

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