Poll 62: Favorite season

As the seasons shift in both hemispheres (though it’s different from the northern to the southern), it brings on the question of wondering when everyone likes to play disc golf.

Of course the diehards won’t care. But what about everyone else?

Let’s hold off on that question for a moment. Before the summer, we posted a poll asking what all of your plans were for that season. We left the poll up for the full summer to allow people to answer it as they went along.


A total of 228 people voted in this poll, in which you were allowed to select up to three options.

The winner? Playing courses they’ve never played, which scored 134 votes (59 percent).

Second place went to play more casual rounds (122 votes/54 percent), followed by more tournaments (91 votes/40 percent), disc golf road trip (87 votes (38 percent), help design/build/install a disc golf course (41 votes/18 percent), play in leagues (36 votes/16 percent), play in states I’ve never played before (31 votes/14 percent), run a league (12 votes/5 percent), run a tournament (11 votes/5 percent) and play in worlds (9 votes/4 percent).

That now lends to this question — did you succeed in your disc golf plans for the summer?

If you did — or didn’t — drop a note below with your answer to our new question.

We only had a couple of people respond beyond voting in that poll, so let’s see what they had to say.

Simpletwist said:

For me I said more casual rounds, which no one should construe as not as much or not as seriously. I’m recuperating from that shoulder surgery and taking baby steps continuing to follow the regimen that the Doc & PT set me on. So I’ve been playing every other day since they gave me the go ahead. I’m playing best shot with the wife and we are playing from the short tees. I’ll continue with that until I can get my old distance back. I don’t expect that to happen for quite some time. So no tourneys or leagues this year.

When I said seriously, I only mean that I have a passion for the game and I like to play my best with every shot. But it also doesn’t escape me that I’m only a legend in my own mind.

That said There are a lot of quality courses we haven’t played that aren’t far from us and we do like to travel. We haven’t played any of the courses in Canada and we live less than a mile from the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge.

Mostly my plan is, heal the arm and have fun doing it. Like I’ve said, just throwing Frisbees in the park.

Hopefully the healing of the shoulder is going well and more distance is returning to your throws!

Ray E said:

I’m going up to Pennsylvania this coming weekend for my brother’s wedding, and we have some big disc golf plans – 5+ days and 10+ courses in PA and WV, the vast majority of which I’ve never played before! I’m really looking forward to it. My plane gets in at 2 on Saturday, and we’re going straight from the airport to the course. Should be a good time.

I’m looking forward to the wedding, too, of course.

That sounds like one heck of a 10-day plan and here’s to hoping that it went perfectly (the disc golf and the wedding)!

And now to the new poll.

We want to know — what’s your favorite season to play in? Is it the hot of the summer? The crisp of the fall? The cold of the winter? The beauty of the spring?

The best part is there could be so many different reasons. Those in hotter climates may enjoy the winter because it’s slightly cooler. But those in the north may not like the winter so much because trudging through snow isn’t necessarily a fun thing.

So vote below. And drop a comment explaining why you chose what season you did. It could be interesting to see some responses.

[poll id=”67″]

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj@rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 62: Favorite season

  1. Tough poll. And I still haven’t voted yet. Not sure that I can.

    And thanks for the kind wishes. I am on the mend. Lots of casual golf this past spring and summer. Sill could be another year before its completely healed. Almost have the old distance back. 🙂 And as a retired Veteran I’ve got to give it up to my local VA who did my surgery and post surgery physical therapy. Everyone of my medical team were consummate professionals. Your tax dollars are being well spent at least in this area.

    I can say which is probably my least favorite season though. It would be summer. I hate the heat and when the temps starts heading north of 75 degrees I get miserable.

    My wife and I have played in the dead of winter sometimes with temps in the single digits and snow well past my knees and that isn’t in the drifts. Love playing in the winter. No crowds, but a small band of hard core crazies, like me.

    Here in Western NY, there’s that nasty tweener season Late February to early April. Rain, snow, and MUD. Same as the late fall early winter.

    But once things start greening up and there’s flowers on the trees and some warm breezes how can you not love Spring. Or Fall, like now with the changing colors and cool crisp air.

    I also like when all the leaves are gone. Can’t beat how some holes open up without all those pesky leaves blocking my sight lines.

    Nope, I love them all. Just Summer not as much.


  2. Well, being a Wisconsinite and all, we all know what season I hate most for disc golf. A good amount of courses take out their baskets in the winter season (not that I would want to go in -30 degree weather either). The best season, however, is fall. No doubt. The leaves are changing colors and the course almost seems to open up with all the bare branches. The weather is perfect for sport shorts and a hoodie, which I’m most comfortable in. FALL ALL THE WAY!


  3. Love summer! I played through the last 2 winters and actually lost distance due to guarded driving from slippery surfaces. Spring is wet and windy, fall is cold. Summer is hot but nearly every day in Spokane is a good day to play disc golf.

    Getting the distance back, but have no run up anymore. Will have to work on that in the dry inside this winter. Thats what the off season is for. Now, if I still lived in AZ, the fun would never end. 😀


  4. Winter, for sure! Primarily because summer here can hit 40+ (104+) on a regular basis… and throw in some smothering humidity, it’s almost impossible and certainly unhealthy to be out hucking plastic. Even in Spring, it has hit mid to high 30’s a few times and that’s not brilliant weather for DG either.

    Only downside to winter DG is if you play in the southern parts of Australia, it gets bitterly cold with days that don’t make it out of single digits.


  5. I disc golf year round, but Autumn is by far my favorite season. Warm enough to keep from being uncomfortably cold, but cool enough to avoid sweating through 3 shirts in 1 round. Easier to find wayward discs. Changing leaves making already gorgeous courses that much more enjoyable.

    Plus, there is the added bonus of enjoying some nice autumn beers before/during/after. 🙂


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