Poll 38: What’s the oldest piece of plastic you carry?

OK, old timers (and newer players), it’s time to figure out some ages.

Now I realize some of you players will go and buy an older disc because of its plastic or whatever, but that’s not necessarily what we’re seeking here.

One of the Rattling Chains folks sent me an idea for this poll and I really liked it. I’m not too sure if this is exactly how he saw it, but the more I thought about it… well, the more I got curious about the way we’ll be doing this poll.

But more on that in a moment.

Let’s check back for last week’s poll first.

We wanted to know how long you’ve been playing this fine game of disc golf. We had 189 responses for this poll.

The winning choice was 3-5 years, which received 38 votes (20 percent). You’ll notice it’s not a crazy majority here as the votes were extremely spread out.

A year or less took second (36 votes/19 percent), followed by 1-2 years (34 votes (18 percent), 6-10 years and 11-20 (25 votes/13 percent each), 21-30 years (18 votes/10 percent) and more than 30 years (13 votes/seven percent).

That’s quite a spread-out set of data, which is good. It’s nice knowing people of all experience have stopped by here!

Let’s check out a few comments, too.

Jeromy L said:

I started playing disc golf about 4 years ago but took about 2 years off the game after getting a very bad poison ivy rash (after not being allergic to it my entire life) and my daughter being born. Now I’m back on the course and trying to improve my form with fewer discs and better shot selection.

I can see the reason in stepping away for a bit, but it’s good you are back and improving!

Chris 503 said:

I was fortunate enough to have a father who played ultimate Frisbee and disc golf. He introduced me to both when I was about 8 years old. I started getting a little more serious about disc golf when i turned 16. I’m 20 now and I am out on the course at least 3 or 4 days a week, I play in tournaments whenever I can. And now my dad asks me for advice on which discs he should get to improve his game.

For those of you who have had the parents to get you into this game, that’s awesome. I would have loved to found this game when I was a kid. I can see this being a common answer in future generations.

DY said:

January 28th will mark my one year anniversary with disc golf. Two months after my 30th birthday I ruptured my Achilles, I had surgery, physical therapy and a year later was still limited in strength and mobility. A buddy of mine who had torn some ligaments in his leg a short time earlier had taken up the sport and invited me out once I felt comfortable enough at walking without support or a crutch.

I started slow, barely getting drives down the course but focused my efforts on mid game and putting. My leg has gotten stronger thanks to elevation changes, uneven ground and the amount of walking that’s involved. My drives are now stronger, not better but stronger, and I am now a competitive threat to my friends.

I have to say, if it wasn’t for DG I probably would be a 31-year-old couch bum, because my leg still isn’t strong enough for pick-up basketball or long jogs. I love this game, I wish I started sooner.

That’s a great story in how this game can be so good for somebody.

Jeff Hoots said:

Wasn’t sure if I should check “A year or less” or “21 – 30 years.” When I was in college in the 1980s I learned the game from friends and we played constantly – usually at trees and lamp posts around campus, but occasionally at a course an hour north.

Then life happened and the game fell off the radar for a couple of decades.

This summer, my wife and I were trying to think up ideas to get our computer-whiz high school son out of his room. We brainstormed disc golf. It worked. Even better, my wife is hooked too.

We now have outings with 3 generations – my in-laws, my wife and I, and my kids.

The family that drives together, thrives together!

Another great story! And it’s awesome the whole family will go!

And now back to this week’s poll.

When Jack Trageser sent me this idea, it got me thinking. At a tournament a year or so ago, a couple of us unearthed a disc. I don’t think it was too old, but it was caked in mud and looked like it had been where we found it for a long time.

There was no name on it and it was pretty beat up.

I didn’t care about the disc because it wasn’t anything I’d likely ever try to use. But I did wonder about its story. How long had it been there? Who threw it? What happened with it?

As noted, this disc looked aged. A few years, anyway. Maybe longer.

My bag is an interesting mix of plastic and Vibram rubber. But being I’ve only been playing about three years, that means each of those discs are on the “newer” side. I still carry two of the original discs I purchased, but outside of that, nothing is too old.

I’ve seen other “old timers” carrying discs they’ve played for 20-plus years. If that plastic could talk, eh?

So we want to know — what’s the oldest plastic in your bag? And when I say oldest, I mean the disc that’s been in there the longest — not just the “oldest” mold you have. I realize you may have picked up an older mold or something and have it in your bag. But I mean that disc that’s been in your bag forever and means so much to you or something along those lines.

In the comments section, drop us a note about this disc. Any good stories? Is it a disc that magically always comes back if you lose it? Share away!

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If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj@rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 38: What’s the oldest piece of plastic you carry?

  1. I started playing in May and bought my first beginner set about a week later. I have since lost the driver, and I haven’t taken the midrange or putter out in months given that I upgraded plastic quickly. I probably would still be playing with those original discs but disc golf caught on quickly with myself and a friend. I live less than 5 mins walking from an 18 hole course so, it quickly became a major pastime. I now carry about 15 discs but the original plastic stays in more for the reminder of where it all started.


  2. Oldest disc, by far, is my white Classic Roc. It takes a beating, but keeps its form. Out of all the discs I’ve used, it’s the most versatile. I’ve almost lost it plenty of times, but always find it because I can’t bring myself to give up looking for it. I’d probably dive head first into a lake to retrieve it (in the winter)…it’s that important to my game.


  3. I still carry one of the first discs that I bought, and old-school (and *very* understable) Comet. My first putter, an Aviar, is hanging on the wall. I don’t have any of the other original 2-3 discs I purchased, but the molds have been so kind to me over the years and I’ll keep buying Gazelles and Stingrays until they stop making them.


  4. Considering I only started playing disc golf in March of 2012 I wasn’t sure if I should vote. My first set was a Discraft starter 3pack with a Avenger SS, Buzzz, and Magnet. I got rid of the Magnet and beat the hell out of the Avenger cause I was learning, so I use it when I’m deep in the woods and just need something to chuck out. The Buzz on the other hand I use all the time. I hated the disc when I started, but eventually I dialed it in and I love it. It is on the lighter side though, so I bought another heavier one that I also use quite often and have made some incredible shots with.


  5. The oldest disc in my bag is Discraft’s Challenger, it’ll be a year old on January 28th. The drivers & Mids that I was gifted at the same have either been lost (R.I.P. Wolf & QJLS) or I have learned and trained my way into different discs.


  6. When I started playing, I bought 4 discs off a buddy. I got two wham-o discs (putter and mid) that were and still are pretty terrible, and an XL and XS. The XL got dyed and subsequently lost, but the XS still holds a spot in my bag. It has since become super understable and is used primarily for specialty shots (rollers, mainly). It’s getting more and more understable the more I use it, but it has earned its spot in my bag again and again.


  7. Oh, and those discs are all about 3 years old to me. They’re actually a lot older since I got them second-hand, but I have no idea how long my buddy had owned them prior to selling them to me.


  8. Oldest disc that I’ve owned and have had in the bag, would be my Glo Z Buzzz.

    I started in March-april of this year, my first discs were 150 dx wraith, 171 dx shark, 169 z avenger ss, and 164 esp surge.
    My dog claimed ownership of the wraith, I gave away the shark, lost the avenger ss and esp surge. The avenger ss and esp surge would both still be in my bag if I didn’t lose em.

    I also throw a 07-08 z flick for overhand shots, but for personal ownership it would be my glo z buzzz, had it 2 weeks after I bought the wraith and shark. It’s still a workhorse, getting a little understable, but it’s great! 😀


  9. My oldest disc has kind of a cool story. The first time I was taken out to play on an actual course by a friend (about 4 years ago) I found a yellow pro wraith with no markings, though it looked fairly used. Became my favorite forehand driver and I now have all 3 of my aces with it, so it will always hold a special place for me.


  10. This might be considered cheating. I’ve only been playing for two years, but my oldest disc is an Innova Birdie DX from 1991 (the year is stamped on top). I gave a Discraft Magnet to a friend after he had success using it. He insisted on making a trade and offered this putter. He started playing in college in the early ninties and bought it then. I know this disc doesn’t receive good reviews, but I like it.


  11. I lost my prized 2nd run super flat, super stable CE Valerie that I traded for right when it came out, in 2001-2002-ish.(been so long I don’t remember exactly) That Disc was absolute money. Sadly 1 bad gust took it away from me. Once I lost that, I took all my old discs out of my bag. I have a few 4-5yr old discs, but mainly I throw new, easy to replace discs. I still have another valk, and some old tee birds that I retired due to fear of losing them. Bums me out since they do fly better than newer discs for sure.


  12. I have a 10 year old Discraft Elite Z X Puttr’ From the 2002 Waterloo Disc Golf Classic in Austin Texas. For approach shots with zero chance of skip and it lands like a Harrier Jet. I love it, It really cannot be replaced.


  13. Three discs tie for the oldest disc in my bag. I bought them together online in October 2008. A 175 DX Tee Rex with cool picture of the tiny armed king of dinosaurs. It is my over stable driver and heaviest over stable disc. Great against the wind.

    A 175 Pro Boss with a Celtic Knot design. This one has been returned twice and retrieved by me after three weeks 6 foot deep in the bottom of a small lake on hole 9 at Joralemon Park, Ravena, NY. The Pro plastic gets great extra glide for me. Looking at the Celtic Knot while it spins on my finger is hypnotically relaxing. It is my go to driver when trees are a factor. That Pro plastic is tough.

    And sadly, a 161 Star Valkyrie X-out. It has been returned once but is currently in a White Pine on 17 at Central Park Schenectady. It is my roller, but the T-Rex is substituting great. It is my go to under stable fairway driver, but the substitute 170 Champion Roadrunner is working better. Lose a disc and the replacements work better!?! If I get it back today, it will still be in my bag as the lightest under stable disc.


  14. My discs are all about as old as I am in the game. I’ve been throwing for 7 months and have been hunting down different discs fairly regular. Perhaps the only exception to this is a mystery disc we found several months back. It was a really well beat-in Pro-D XL with no markings on it whatsoever. I figure the disc is a couple of years old and has seen some wicked action (It’s got some war-wounds from trees and/or rocks).

    My Elite Avenger is probably the most beat up of all my discs, but she holds an arrow-line well when I need it. I figure she’ll be in the bag forever or till she dies, whichever comes first.


  15. The oldest disc in my bag is a DGA Kittyhawk from the 1983 World Disc Golf Championships. These discs are often referred to as “Shuttle Puppies” because the hotstamp is a picture of a Space Shuttle (the tournament was held in Huntsville, AL, a big NASA town) and the Kittyhawk was very similar in design to the first small-diameter golf disc, Destiny Disc’s Puppy. It’s an extremely straight flyer that I use for putt/approaches in the 30-80 foot range. It air-bounces really well to settle near (or in) the basket. I don’t know how many tens (or hundreds) of thousands of times I have thrown that disc!


  16. My 161 Star Valkyrie X-out was no longer in the White Pine. My wife’s 167 star Katana was also no longer in that tree. I hope they find their way back. Especially because my wife only uses one disc. So that 2011 Ice Bowl disc was the oldest disc in her bag. I have another one just like it but it is white and will not due for snowy rounds.


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