Poll 32: Chasing aces

According to the calendar on the website, the Ace Race events for the year have come to an end.

For those who don’t participate in these events, its where you use two Discraft prototype discs on a shortened course in an attempt to score as many aces as possible.

That of course got me thinking about aces (or, maybe, a chains-in-one?).

I’ve heard some fantastic ace stories. I know a person who has aced every single hole at one course (don’t worry, we’ll be doing a story on this in the future) and I’ve heard about people getting aces on holes beyond 400 feet!

But we’ll get back to this week’s pole in a little bit.

First, let’s check back to last week when we asked you about putting in a high-pressure situation. We gave you the spot and you had to decide whether or not you made the putt.

Sounds like most of you guys are pretty good putters!

Of the 61 who voted, 64 percent (39 votes) said you’d make the putt. The other 36 percent (22 votes) said no.

Let’s see what a few of you had to say about it.

Travis said:

Not only do I miss that putt, I probably “air ball” it as well.

I think I’d actually do the same.

Kevin King says:

I have this remarkable ability to putt in wind. Lethbridge, AB is probably the windiest place on the planet, so I’d actually be a little more comfortable putting in the wind than not.

Even with all the people watching and that money on the line?

Jeremy F notes:

It would probably fall just short off the front of the basket. This sounds like a makeable putt, however, under the circumstances it becomes increasingly difficult. I think in my mind the importance of making the putt would take over and cause me to not make it. That’s the only reason I say I wouldn’t make it. I hit one the other day in an insane head wind, I barely put anything on it, and it wobbled 30 feet or so to the basket. It was awesome.

Tim J said:

Nope. The wind pops me over the basket.

Dang that wind!

Chris says:

I would make the putt only because my opponent had already missed theirs. If I were putting first, It could be an 8 foot putt and I’d still miss it.

Interesting. So basically an opposite pressure sort of thing. If you are first and don’t know the pending situation, no good. But knowing the situation, money. I think I’d miss either way, but I might be almost the same as you.

Sean Winn said:

Of course I make it! You have to believe in yourself and your ability, if you step and you mindset is “don’t miss this” then the odds are that you’re going to miss. See yourself making it in your mind, get that “movie” clearly in your mind then step up and hammer it home.

In theory, I like the idea. I hope everybody would go up thinking they would make it. But even then sometimes things go wrong! Even with those thoughts, I still find a way to miss many putts!

And now for this weeks poll.

We want to know how many aces you have?

Let me define aces, too. I mean legit aces. You are playing a round, whether casual or tournament, and you put the disc in the basket in one shot. Don’t count if you used a mulligan or sit there and shoot discs until you snag an ace. Legit aces only.

Vote and drop a comment below and tell us about your aces. We’d love to read about them!

[poll id=”37″]

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 32: Chasing aces

  1. I just hit my 25th ace last week, but I’m the first to admit the course I got almost all of them at is a short, technical course(Twincreek in Germantown, OH). My longest is only a 200-footer and that was in an open field course(Hole 2, Turtlecreek). I don’t get as excited about them as I use to, but it’s hard to not get excited about a “1” on your score card!


  2. I really just want one ace. I’ve been playing just over 2 years and hope to get one soon. The problem lately for me is it gets in my head. I step up to a hole that with the perfect shot, I’ll get that elusive ace, and that’s all I can think about. I’m thinking I’ll get one if I can just not think about it so much. Interested to hear if others who have got their first ace were thinking about it just before they threw the disc.


  3. 2 at Oak Grove. The first was on basket #2 that skipped in, unfortunately I lost the disc later that day. The second was on the final basket where I got some arbor love, my disc bounced off a tree by the basket & went in. Both were with Innova Vulcans.


  4. I have had 3 over my 11 years of playing. 2002 at Centennial in Lawrence, Ks with a DX Valkyrie on a 300′ hole and then the Valkyrie struck again for me in 2003 on a 210 footer through the woods on #8 Rosedale ‘down under’ in KC. My last ace didn’t come again until this year with the Ace Race prototype disc on a 240′ hole at Swope Park. That third one was long overdue!


  5. I got my first ace in 2007 (West campus-San Marcos Hole Ten, Teebird) and was not thinking about getting an ace. 2012, and 6-10 aces later, I still just throw for the pin and wait to hear some chains. My recent ace was McDade-Conroe Hole six, Roc.


  6. With my home course being as long as it is (most par 3’a are about 375 feet) aces are pretty scarce. I’ve heard of 4 over a 4-year timeframe, but I do happen to own one of those. The shortest hole on the course, and I bagged it before anyone else I know of. My buddies who had been playing for years without that elusive ace were chapped.


  7. I have been playing disc golf for a good eight years and I just got my first ace this year. I have 3 aces total, the longest of which was 290 ft.


  8. Zip. Nada. Never even sniffed one. But my nephew got one, and when I told a friend I play with about it, he immediately purchased the exact weight disc that my nephew used for his ace (a 174g Vibram Sole), which is now my friend’s go-to putter! One ace (not even one’s own) can change a man.


  9. got my first ace on labor day. was out solo, since my wife couldn’t make it. 158 foot pin located 15 feet behind a double tree. z buzzz had to bend it like beckam to make it. even had some people see it..


  10. I’ve got three but my most memorable ace was the first one. Not only was it my first year playing, it was at a tournament, AND it was on the ctp hole. My first ace + 98.00 rolling ace fund + CTP prizes = one happy beginner. In the 5 years since I’ve only had 2 others, and I still have that disc in my office.


  11. So when I posted this poll on my Facebook Page I got over 130+ Responses and Mark Peterson claims to have had 434 Aces over the past 28 years which is very impressive!! That’s by far the most that I’ve ever heard from one Player especially when I personally have around 100+ in my Career.


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