Poll 19: How far are you from a course?

As I’ve noted here before, the nearest decent course from me is upward of 75 miles (or more) away.

That hampers me to be able to get out and play as much as I would. Even worse, it makes me lose some interest because I get doing other things. Add together the price of gas and such and I haven’t played a whole heap of disc golf this year.

With all that in mind, we’ll get to this week’s poll in a moment. Before then, let’s check back on last week’s poll to see what you all thought about playing in the heat.

A total of 83 voters took part in this poll and 48 percent (40 votes) said it’s never too hot to play. In second place, 22 voters (27 percent) said playing in 100-plus heat is too much. That was followed by high 90s (19 percent/16 votes); high 80s (4 percent/3 votes) and low 90s (2 percent/2 votes).

Luke notes:

I much prefer hot weather over cold, but the past few weeks it was in the upper 90?s, low 100?s. You couldn’t step outside without breaking a sweat. That was too much for me to stay outside long enough to get a round in.

That’s the one thing that’s tough — if one can’t move 10 feet without breaking a sweat and being uncomfortable, it’s definitely too hot!

Nancy W. says:

For me, High 90?s is where I choose not to play. I’m in my forties, and can’t handle the heat quite like my son, who is in his twenties.

It’s an interesting point. I’ve noticed I did a lot more things without worry of elements when I was in my 20s as compared to being in my 30s.

Jman said:

100+ degree weather with like 60 to 80 percent humidity, bring it! Playing in those conditions makes you a better player in my opinion at least endurance wise and makes you mentally tough as well as you fight off fatigue and what not.

This is an interesting point, but not all people play with the worry of things like this. If I am out for a casual round, I’m not looking for endurance and to be mentally tough. I’m looking for enjoyment. And, truthfully, it doesn’t always help one with endurance and such. I’d be willing to bet better than 80 percent of the people who play the game wouldn’t be worried about building endurance and being mentally tough. We have to remember that the people who are tournament players and hardcore are probably a small percentage of the disc golfing world.

Kris Blum says:

I can play in almost anything but being a social golfer, if I do not have people to play with it is boring. That’s why when its that hot I drag the practice basket out do some putting for 15-20 minutes and then take a break rehydrate. Then I will do another session and call it good.

This goes well with the last point, too. Some people just don’t like to deal with the heat (or extreme cold for that matter).

Sydney Evans said:

Living in MN, I am simply not used to extremely hot weather. I recently played in Houston where it was 100° and very humid, and actually felt sick and couldn’t breathe.

This is another great point. If one isn’t used to playing in this weather, it can really be tough physically on a person. This comment helpful to go into the final point.

Luke gives us something to think about:

Here in Mid Michigan its been mid 90?s for two weeks straight. I’ve played almost everyday still besides the couple occurrences when it broke 100. When it gets to that temperature with me being a type 1 diabetic it just gets dangerous for me and isn’t worth it to go play casual/practice rounds in temperatures like that. 100+ is dangerous for anyone really!

This is the thing to think about. Extreme weather, especially the heat, can do things to a body. No matter how well you are with endurance and such, if there are any health issues, be careful. It’s one thing to want to play disc golf, but it’s another to go out in extreme weather and play. Be careful no matter what. If you play in the heat, stay hydrated, eat and be careful!

Before we get to this week’s poll, we like to give something random away to those who comment on the weekly poll. This week’s Randomizer selection is Marley. Send me an address as well so I can get something from the prize box out to you!

Now back to this week’s poll.

How far are you traveling for disc golf? It’ so far for me to go and with the economy the way it is, sometimes it’s tough to justify a long haul for a round of disc golf.

A project for one local course seems to be done and won’t happen. I’ve sent a mini-proposal to another area place for a small nine-hole course. That was back in May and I haven’t heard back.

There is a nine-hole course of sorts not far from me, but it’s in awful shape, nobody seems to have an idea about the setup and it’s about a mile walk from parking to the start of the course. Add to that a couple of poor object courses in the area and that’s basically disc golf around here.

And, truthfully, I can only go out to a field and throw discs and putt on one basket so many times before I get bored. It’s unfortunate, but it’s what it is. Hopefully a course will eventually be here or I’ll find a match for me elsewhere career-wise where I’ll relocate and have many disc golf courses near me!

But I’m wondering…

How far do you travel to play disc golf regularly?

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Vote away and make sure to comment as we’ll, as always, give something away to a random commenter. You can’t win if you don’t comment here. (In other words, comments on Facebook or other places where this poll might be linked won’t count… it has to be here).

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 19: How far are you from a course?

  1. I firmly believe the one missing link to unifying disc golf marketing and growth are the lack of courses for the millions of residents and visitors to my home, the island of Manhattan. I know having a proper course in Central Park isn’t realistic, but there are still many parks that could house a proper course in the 5 boroughs. Until then I will drive at least 40 miles to the closest course as often as possible.


  2. I have three courses within 15 mins so I go play random draw doubles 2-4 times a week at just those courses. On mondays I have a 25 min drive to leagues if I feel like playing and thats the farthest I go during the week. But I do play in tournaments and play in a intercollegiate disc golf league here in michigan called the MIDGC. So on many weekends I am traveling an hour to three hours to play in a league or in a sanctioned event. I consider myself lucky having 7 or 8 courses within 40 mins though and 3 within 15 minutes.


  3. I have the pleasure of living near Hudson Mills Metropark in Dexter, Michigan. The more courses I play, the more I realize how lucky I am to have these two 26 hole quality courses under 15 miles away.


  4. We have four courses about 20 minutes away each from me. I’ve played two of them. Three are in city parks and one is in a State Park. I like the one in the State Park and driving in the country to get to it.


  5. There’s only one course within 2 hours of me, and it happens to be a few blocks from where I live. It’s also a 4.5/5 at DCGR so I’m pretty blessed to have such a solid course within walking distance.

    To be honest, I think it’s spoiled me – If I move anywhere where a course is more than a 10 minute drive away, I’ll be like “15 minutes away?!? That’s just outrageous!”


  6. I am fortunate enough to have 2 courses within a half hour of my house.
    The first course is 4 miles away from my house. Up until a few months ago the course wasn’t very good.. wide open overlapping fairways, playing across a playground and other issues. Back in may our local disc golf club got together and came up with a new design, gathered a bunch of our local players. In just a few work bee days we completely reset the 9 hole course into a fun tightly wooded technical course that has brought out many players and has been great for us.
    The 2nd course in the area is about 25 minutes away, unfortunately it has many problems. The layout isn’t very good, playing across horse shoe pits, volleyball courts, a fittness trail. Plus the tees are stacked right on the previous baskets. We are trying to get things in motion to abandon that set up and move to the other side of the park. Away from potential dangers of other activities in the park. Unfortunately the quest to move the course is not going as well as we want but our club is continuing working to expand our sport in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


  7. the closest course to me is 4 miles. I play in a league where the course is 16 miles away. There are lots of courses within an hour of my apartment, but if I want to go play its just jump over to the course. Lots of fun!


  8. I have a course 10 minutes away that I love to play. It’s a small, technical course in the woods (Twin Creek in Germantown, OH) and being between Dayton and Cincinnati we have a lot of options when it comes to courses. Plus it’s only about an hour to get to Idlewild in KY. I can’t complain!


  9. I, too, am very fortunate. I live on the outskirts of the Dallas Metroplex where we have an abundance of courses, about three of them are within 10 minute drives, traffic allowing. I really don’t have too much of a bleeding heart for those crying for courses unless your in a downtown area where throwing distances are limited. I have a set of chains in my backyard with a maximum distance of 26 feet, but I’m of the school that I should only attempt direct putts when I feel confident I can make them, otherwise I make a closeup shot, then the sinker. Also, some city courses can be hazardous in that they often crowd the holes so closely, due to limited property perhaps, but I’ve narrowly escaped getting hit on a couple of occasions. I stay on courses that are laid out as to prevent cross-shots or shots near walking paths. Liability and injury issues are only one lousy throw away that can put you down for the count!

    As for those who are unfortunately far from courses, I just take my discs down to a local park area and set up plastic cones (used for traffic direction, but no, I didn’t “borrow” mine). You can still get some good practice improvising your own course without a lot of effort, even if you only have a few cones. If you have a pickup truck or van and can afford several portable chain targets, all the better – or you can use inexpensive laundry baskets! How often do we set up permanent course paths only to wish later that we could change them! That’s the beauty of disc golf — we don’t take divots, so we can play almost anywhere. No more crying towels, please… we all wish for a disc golf country club, but then again, $$$cha-ching$$$!


    • Am I missing something here? Who, exactly, is crying? I stated facts in the original post and I think, unless I totally read over something, those who have commented actually, for the most part, have noted they live close to courses. Maybe I’m reading the comment wrong, but to say people are crying about it is kind of a stretch here.


  10. I live about 15 minutes from a good little par 3 course. Its in the woods so lots of technical game in play there. I live within 30 to 50 minutes of some tougher multi-par courses, but like above, gas is definitely a concern when trying to play those. Hopefully as disc golf catches on more and more, there will be more courses within a reasonable distance from anywhere in the country.


  11. It’s forty five minutes to each of two courses that I’m the closest to. I try to play about 3 times a week. The drive is not too bad. I wish there was a course closer. I would love to go 5 minutes down the road and play.


  12. I’ve got the two best public courses around each about 15 minutes from my house, a nine hole and short 18 hole course each about 25 minutes away, and a couple of really nice private courses about 25 minutes away. Plus, there are plenty more great courses within 2 hours drive, some of which I haven’t even played yet. East Tennessee = not a bad place for disc golf.


  13. Although Disc Golf Course Review states there is a course 11.2 miles, it takes 40 minutes to drive there and I have to pay a toll on the Thruway. This is a highly rated course with 28 holes so I play there at least twice a week, once for doubles and once Saturday morning with some old friends. One drives 30 minutes to my house first. In both cases, I think the camaraderie helps a lot.

    Also about 40 minutes in the other direction is a pay course on a ski hill. It’s brand new and I’ve only ventured there once. I travel up to 90 minutes from home for work and will travel another 45 to hit a few more courses if I can get out of work early. Looks like I am addicted.

    I have been playing object disc golf for decades and most any large area will do. We typically avoid any targets that do not involve the disc stopping somewhere. That is we rarely use “hit the tree below the first limb”. More likely we use stopping on a picnic table, or exposed root, leaning against a tree, fence section etc.

    On the creative side, at home I have one practice basket and 5 acres. So I have an 18 hole par 72 layout. It is only good for one foursome at a time, and once the fields start growing it can’t be played.


  14. My home course is 35 miles away. There is another 9 hole course with alternate tee pads 20 miles away. I try to play league at both courses as I am a member of both clubs.
    I live in rural mid-Missouri and I am an hour away from at least 13 completely different type courses. More are being put in all the time.
    Hopefully they will be as prevelant as ‘ball’ golf courses some day.


  15. I am spoiled here in Atlanta, GA: there are 12 courses within 25 mi. from home, and another 7 within 35 mi.(even more further out). I realize that not everyone considers 25-35 mi. as local, but many Atlantans travel that far/farther daily for work, school, etc. I do have a course 8 mi. from home and one 4 mi. from work, but I don’t mind driving farther to play, as I do so anyway.

    I’ve only been playing for a 1 1/2 years, but I’ve been able to visit 30 courses in 4 states. Eleven of those were courses that were played simply because the were in the vicinity of a vacation or business trip destination. Whenever I travel I always scope out courses to play, even if I don’t think I’ll have time to play. Eight more of those courses were the destinations themselves (hello, I.D.G.C.!).


  16. I’m very fortunate to live less than a David Wiggins world-record toss from the fourth tee of my closest course. I still don’t get to play as often as I’d like with work and family stuff, but my son plays so it’s a good opportunity for us to get out and do something together. There’s another course about five miles away, and several more within an hour’s drive (they’re not that far away distance-wise, but driving to any of them in Atlanta traffic takes from a half-hour to an hour). One downside of having a course within walking distance is that it’s hard for me to justify driving that long to play other courses for casual rounds. One of my main motivations for playing tournaments is having an excuse to play other courses, along with seeing all the other locals more than I would playing only my home course.


  17. I live across the street from, Lums Pond, my home course in DE. This allows me to get a round rather quickly. On top of that, the De Disc Golfers (DDG) has installed over a dozen courses. We are lucky enough to have several courses within 30 mins of each other offering a wide variety of terrain and skill levels.


  18. Marley, you sound like the luckiest son of a gun in America! I’m only 5 minutes from the nearest, but I wish there were more! Especially because the one I’ve got is one of the shoddiest courses around (but extremely challenging). The next closest one is about 75 miles, and being a disc golf review blogger, that isn’t the most convenient.


  19. I’m super lucky, I have 4 courses within about a 10mile radius. All of them are solid 18 hole courses. I’m moving this fall and am a little worried that i’ll never be in such a great disc golfing area again.


  20. My home course is within a mile of my house. However, I prefer playing at courses further away as I feel my home course is too easy.


  21. I have 4 courses within 40 miles of my humble abode. The course nearest to me, and in my opinion the best of the four, is a pleasant 35 minute drive. Sure, I would like to be closer, but I’m NOT COMPLAINING, I would travel and hour or more to play if I had to. With my busy schedule, I only get to play once a week anyway.


  22. I live in South Florida and have three good disc golf courses 35 miles from my home. Commute time to these locations is 30-40 minutes and can sometimes be a deterrent to playing a round or two. Consequently, I spend a fair amount of my disc golf time practicing mid-range and driver throws at a park 5 minutes away while practicing putting in the comfort of my backyard.


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