Poll 10: Are you a PDGA member?

It’s been a little while since our last poll, so it’s time for a new one.

Before we hit it up, let’s check out our last one which asked if you followed the National Tour.

Though things started out a bit different early, it ended up showing that the majority of those who voted do, indeed, follow the tour.

Of the 69 who voted, 40 (58 percent) said yes. Next was 15 people (22 percent) who didn’t know there was a tour and then 14 (20 percent said they didn’t follow it).

Let’s see what some of the readers had to say.

Ryan Clements noted:

I’m aware that there is a tour. It’s just not something I follow.

I’ve been told that, personally, by many people. It’s good that people are aware of it, but for the tour to have impact, casual players will eventually have to have an interest in watching etc.

Jorey C. McComas said:

Love watching the Pros. I enjoy watching a tourney and then trying to play the course as close to their lines as possible. Doesn’t work out on the holes where you need a 400+ throw to clear their line, but fun trying the shorter stuff.Love watching the Pros. I enjoy watching a tourney and then trying to play the course as close to their lines as possible. Doesn’t work out on the holes where you need a 400+ throw to clear their line, but fun trying the shorter stuff.

That’s one big reason I like to watch the Tour — especially in person — is their ability to throw these discs. It really is amazing watching what they can do with one.

Kirk Maddox gives us an interesting thought:

I do follow the tour as closely as I can. Work gets in the way and so does my disc golf addiction!

With disc golf not being mainstream, it’s not like other sports where many people will stay in to watch. If it’s a perfect day out, are you more apt to go play a round or two of disc golf or stay home and watch it on TV? It’s a valid point because if one doesn’t have the chance to get out much during the week to play, the weekends might be for that and that might mean you don’t watch.

But it’s not all just watching — it’s following. As reader Ben noted, with players having Twitter and Facebook pages, it’s much easier to follow. That helps people get vested in their favorite players.

The game is doing what it can. The National Tour is well worth following. I personally keep tabs on the tour. I realize, however, that watching it each week isn’t the easiest. It’s readily available online for many of the major tournaments, but it’s sometimes tough to sit in front of the computer to watch the vantage points. But just because I don’t watch every week doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention. I see scored after each round and read what I can, when things are covered that is.

The National Tour will be a big part of this sport going to the next level, so it’s nice to pay attention to what the players are doing!

And — as always — we’ll give a little something away to a random person for commenting on the poll’s page. This week’s winner is Kirk Maddox! Get me an address so I can send you something from the prize box!

Now on this week’s poll.

With all the talk about women only being seven percent of the PDGA’s membership, it made me wonder — there are a lot of disc golfers out there who I personally know who are not members of the PDGA.

So we want to know — are you a PDGA member or not? Vote and let us know what you think!

[poll id=”14″]

Vote away and let us know in the comments your thoughts about why you are or are not a PDGA member. We are interested to see why people are are or not members of the organization — and maybe what the PDGA can do to convince some of you to become members.

A random commenter will be selected for a prize, so make sure you leave your thoughts! (Remember, to be eligible for this, you must leave the comment here, not in other places!)

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 10: Are you a PDGA member?

  1. Not a member yet, but I plan on being one soon. I would be one already if PDGA accepted paypal for membership…


  2. I haven’t joined because the majority of the tournaments are not PDGA. NEFA has a very active club here in New England So I am a NEFA member. If there were more tournaments in the area that were PDGA I would join as well.


  3. I’m a member to support the sport. It’s nice to save the $10 per sanctioned tournament, but I’ve been a member for years and have only played one tournament.


  4. I joined because I wanted to compete in sanctioned tourney’s and know how I stand, it is a way for me to track my progression and be challenged. This is my first year as a member of the PDGA and have played in 5 sanctioned tourneys so far!


  5. I became a member to support the sport. Deaf Disc Golf Association has national tournament for the Deaf annual which was PDGA sanctioned for first time last year. I played once last year and once this year at WGE.


  6. I recently joined after 25+ years. Back in the day you didn’t have to be a member to play a tourney. Now there’s a $10 penalty fee for non-members. So I figured, why not. If I had joined for my first tourney my PDGA# would be around 4500.


  7. Even though I’m not currently a tournament player, I’m a long time recreational player, PDGA member, and supporter of this great sport. If we don’t support the sanctioning organization of the sport we love, we can’t expect it to ever go mainstream.


  8. i am not currently a pdga member. i love playing so much, but i never play tournaments. i’m a ratings/stats freak, so being rated would be rad, but that would mean i a) have to pay a fee, and b) play in tournaments. i’m still new, and my work schedule isn’t lining up with local tournaments (nashville, tn.). once i start playing tournaments, i think the membership fee will be worth it.


  9. I became a PDGA member for two reasons.
    1. Seeing my name on the PDGA charts
    2. Beeing able to participate in the nationals

    Just got my PDGA number, havent got a rating (as of yet)


  10. The PDGA has done plenty to get the sport where it is today. I am amazed at the number of courses around the world. It seems I can get in a round just about anywhere I go in California and Oregon. The PDGA has a great deal to do with the popularity and growth of the sport.


  11. I’m not currently a member, but I plan on joining soon just to support the sport I love. I can’t make it out to most sanctioned tournaments in my area.


  12. I just haven’t had the money to renew plus I am not planning on play alot of tournaments this year. But I might still renew yet.


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