Poll 2: Tunes or no?

The first week of the poll was a huge success …

… And it took us a while to get everyone into the Random.org setup to be able to randomize and give away a prize!

The results of the poll — how many discs do you own? — were something else, I thought.

The top spots didn’t shock me too much. The 51-100 category won with 153 votes (24 percent of the vote). Second went to 101-200, which received 102 votes (16%). The 21-30 range, which I thought might have been one of the real big ones, came in third with 77 votes (12%).

The one that shocked me, however? Those who voted in the more than 500 discs one — 47 people! That’s 8% of the vote! And that’s a lot of plastic!

That opened my eyes, that’s for sure!

Congratulations to Nyles Johnson! You were the lucky one picked by Random.org! I’ll be sending an e-mail as well, but you’ll need to get me your mailing address so I can send you something from the prize vault.

And now this week’s poll, which will run through 11:59p.m. March 18, 2012.

The question is about music. And it’s quite an easy one — yes or no.

Do you listen to an iPod/MP3 player/portable music device while playing disc golf, either during casual rounds or tournaments?

To be eligible to win a prize, you must elaborate in the comments section. Tell us whether you don’t or do and maybe why. If you only do it sometimes, then select yes and tell us when you do and when you don’t. If you don’t listen to music when playing, tell us why? Annoying? Headphone wires? Socializing? Something else?

And if you DO listen to some tunes when playing, let us know a song or two and maybe why. Maybe it will give some others some ideas on songs to add to their disc golf playlist!

[poll id=”6″]

We’ll look forward to seeing all your responses!

If you have any comments, questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else, feel free to e-mail me and the crew at: pj [at] rattlingchains.com. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook!


0 thoughts on “Poll 2: Tunes or no?

  1. If I’m playing by myself, I find that it’s a great time to catch up on podcasts. I once tried to listen to music during a tournament and thought that I was being rude, so I haven’t done that since.


  2. I enjoy music during casual rounds only. Never in tournaments. Not that it distracts me, but I know it distracts other people. Common courtesy is a big part of disc golf, so it’s only right that we all try to remain unheard/unseen while others are shooting. Even during casual rounds with friends, I always ask the group if anybody objects to music before playing any. I enjoy most types of music while playing, except one. Hardcore/death metal makes me want to rip my frisbee in two, rather than sling it gently towards the basket. All other genres are acceptable IMO.


  3. No tunes for me. I like actually being outside and trying to enjoy it.

    Too much of a distraction I think too. I use casual rounds as both a way to practice but also relax after a long day or something.


  4. I’ll listen to music during a solo casual round and often times during tournaments. Most of the time, I only have one ear bud in, so I am always aware of what’s going on around me. Always.

    If I’m really ‘feeling’ a song, I will often times put is on repeat as it helps to keep me focused and playing smart.


  5. I love having my iPhone while I play. It helps cut all of the distractions that are around me while I hit those important putts outside of the circle, and allow me to concentrate on the shot at hand, cause not everyone is quiet all the time during a round of golf.


  6. I listen to music when playing solo rounds and occasionally during tournaments, but only when the people in my flight are annoying me. 🙂


  7. I love listening to music during casual play and league play. It’s very relaxing and makes it easier to get in the zone while playing. However, I usually don’t play it during tournaments because most people just get pissed off and blame the music if they miss a shot.


  8. The group I play with don’t all share the same taste in music. Plus I enjoy the sounds of nature while playing. I’d consider offering music to the group if I had a bag with speakers or something like I saw once.


  9. The only time I listen to my iPad while playing is when I’m playing solo. I usually listen to podcasts, which tend to be less distracting than music.


  10. no, usually play w/friends and we hang out and talk. alot easier to tell our ladies we’re going out for some dg instead of going out for happy hour!..plus the wires get in the way.


  11. If there are a lot of baskets & tees close to eachother, or if I am playing in a very busy park. But I actually don’t put my headphones in my ears. Instead, I loop them around my titanium necklace & set the volume so I can hear it. I will stand away & turn the volume down when others are throwing. It’s like having your own theme music but not being consumed by it.
    I like to listen to live jam bands & the Beastie Boys. Mellow, but upbeat & positive. And the Beadtie Boys because 1/3rd of the lyrics are,about me.. MikeD 😉


  12. One reason I love this sport is the beauty of nature and the banter of those you’re with, so why would I ruin that with music? I know one person who listens to static when competing, sheeesh!


  13. Maybe when I’m practicing, but definitely not when I’m on the course. I listen to music when I study, drive, cook, clean, workout, etc. The course is a place to unplug. When I’m playing it’s just me, my group, the course, and the game.

    That’s something I always loved about ball golf. Proper etiquette is a great excuse to shut off your phone and ignore the outside world for 4 hours. We spend enough time being plugged in. The music and phone calls can wait.


  14. I’ve never tried it. I’ve always thought it was neat that people have found a way to keep the cord out of the way when they throw. I don’t have the patience it takes to go through the trial and error required to get a system down. Also I’ve heard that I am a bit of a motor mouth (so says my fiance) and I love to discuss the sport. One of my favorite things is playing with someone better than me so i can pick their brain on techniques they use and the way they go about there business on the course. I want to be the very best disc golfer I can and it takes concentration and creativity. I don’t feel like I could accomplish that while jammin at the same time. My attention deficit disorder won’t allow it. Hahaha


  15. During casual solo rounds always, With friends we usually talk trash but are polite when setting up to throw and through the discs’ flight. It’s dangerous with a lot of people out on the course so for tourneys’ it just doesn’t make sense.


  16. I don’t listen to music. I like to be outdoors in nature. For me, it’s a part of what I love about disc golf. I enjoy hearing the birds and listening to the wind in the trees. I like to play by myself for this very reason. I also like to play with others so that we can chat. So I’m just happy playing disc golf any day and any way.


  17. Tunes are great, it helps me stay relaxed and get a groove going. When you have a party you have music going, so why not when your golfing? Because, at least for me, it’s a party every time I play. There are not many things as fun as hanging with your buddies and throwing plastic, and I think some good music just makes the time that you have together that much better.


  18. One of the benefits of disc golf, for me, is getting outside to hear the birds and talk the sport with my colleagues or just enjoy my solitude. Other sounds and wires just get in the way and golfing in a group can be noisy enough. To me, a radio or player would be distracting and draw attention away from focusing on the game or communicating — can be plain rude to others. I find that talking to myself and hearing myself answer to be therapeutic, though it can draw strange looks. (I often need to encourage, advise, or correct myself when no one else is present.) I’m always puzzled by campers, hikers, or other “naturalists” who claim they love to get away to be “one with nature” only to bring Hollywood, iTunes, and other “high-tech” with them. I don’t comprehend how that brings anyone any “peace and quiet” to focus. I guess one person’s noise is another person’s concentration. There will always be those who have to be on their cell phones until they die — go figure. In the “golfing world”, quiet has typically been regarded the best option of respect for another’s game. In formal play, silence is not just a courtesy, but considered a requirement. How and when do we always know when and if our colleagues are taking their game seriously? My vote is to respect each others’ space.


  19. I prefer not to listen to music. I like to focus on my game. However, I have had too many chatty kathy’s on my card recently and to avoid being rude I have had to plug in. My choice of music will vary depending on my mood, normally Eminem, Radiohead, Black Sabbath, Rehab or Van Halen will do fine. I keep an extra loaded iPod and earphones in my truck just in case or will pull out my phone and listen to Pandora.


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